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LOVE is simple really. And I’m not talking about how people use that word for just about everything, I’m talking about TRUE GENUINE Love that takes you over. Love is your hearts natural state of being. Love is easy, Uncomplicated, it takes no record of wrongdoing; it’s loyal, giving, patient, and kind. Love is self-less, and DELIGHTS in truth and honesty. It’s also FUN and playful. 🙂

It’s the RESISTANCE to love which causes the negative feelings like fear, mistrust, anger, jealousy, etc.

Hearts are fragile though. They need to be taken care of, but not guarded. They can be bruised and even broken. Both are painful. In attempt to prevent further pain people wrap barbed wire around their hearts. That only robs them of the joy they are meant to have. So the next time you feel that little tickle, or those butterflies (the start of something special) give yourself permission to love and be loved. I promise it is worth it! 🙂 ♥♥ ♥



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