The Time Is Now!

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Timing is everything. Seize the moment.

There are four types of people…

There are “waiters”, ppl who are always waiting, They enjoy waiting, b/c waiting shifts the responsibility from YOU. And it says “If the Lord wanted me to have it, He would give it to me. If the Lord wanted me to do this, He would do it for me. If the Lord wanted so and so He would…” That way you can blame God… “It’s not my fault things didn’t work out , It’s noy my fault it didn’t happen, I was just waiting on the Lord.”

You’re not waiting on the Lord. First of all those that wait upon the Lord Renew their strength, They don’t sit back passively, they mount up on wings like egales, they Run and are not weary they walk and are not faint…. You can’t sit back and wait on the Lord. What do u expect, Him to ring the door bell? You gotta get UP and go after what you want! You gotta be radical. If you want something for the Lord you gotta go after it!

Then you have the “Wishers” They have a positive attitude, they got a dream, they know what they want, they don’t know how to bring it to pass, they just wish, they just send out positive vibes through the air. “I just wish things were better, I just wish my children were saved, I wish I had a husband/wife … These are the ppl that wish for things but don’t do anything about it. Wishers. You will never get what God has for you by wishing. There is only one group of ppl that God is looking for to bless and that is…

The Workers. “I may not have it yet, but I’m workin on it. I may not be there yet, buit I’m workin on it. I may not have mastered it, but I’m working on it. I may not be out of the woods, but I’m workin on t. I may not feel good Right now, but I’m working on it. I might now can walk yet, but I’m workin on it. I’m not just praying about it”… What are YOU working on? The Bible says “What so ever he doith shall prosper.” If you don’t DO anything you don’t have anything for God to prosper.

It’s only a matter of time before what you’re Working on comes to pass. But wait, you have to know the moment God starts working on something the sorcerer will ALWAYS do something to stop you from getting what God said you could have! But what sin did about grace did much More about. God wants to bless you. So Praise Him, sing His glory. Faith without works is DEAD! When you sow it, call those things that are not as though they were. If God started it He will finish it.



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